Office Buildings Valet Parking

In contrast to “self-parking,” where driving customers must search out parking spaces on their own, valet parking involves the use of a person called a valet to help park customers’ vehicles. In establishments such as restaurants, the fee for valet parking is borne by the customers themselves, but in some high-end establishments, this service is offered free of charge by the establishment.

Office buildings are some of the establishments that need to offer valet parking services for their customers, especially in urban areas where parking is scarce. In busy business areas where there is such limited space for cars, valet parking becomes a must.

If you are a business organization with a huge number of clients, most of whom are drivers, and your office space is in a building in a busy business area, you might want to advocate for valet parking for the convenience of your clients.

The number one advantage of valet parking is the convenience. Your customers will not have to walk from a distant parking spot and arrive at your office out of breath, especially if they are carrying heavy loads. Valet parking is particularly expedient in bad weather.

Finally, you might want to consider valet parking because it makes it possible to park more cars into a given physical space. This is called “stack parking,” a skill that many valets hold that ordinary drivers like me and you don’t.

Valet parking is a win-win for you, your employees and your customers.