Beverly Hills ValetSafe Valet Parking has been providing the best Beverly Hills valet parking services to hotels, restaurants, salons and businesses for over a decade. Your clients and customers deserve a hassle-free experience when visiting your business. It is no mystery that parking in Los Angeles is daunting and can often work against business owners.

Why would you chance losing business due to a lack of adequate parking? Simply put, you shouldn’t.

Safe Valet Parking blends the latest computerized valet technology with world-class customer service to provide the most streamlined Beverly Hills valet service available today. Provide your potential hotel guests, customers and foodies with the conveniences they deserve. Safe Valet Parking outpaces the competitors in speed and reliability. Our Beverly Hills Valet Services pay for themselves. You’ll never lose business again due to lack of parking. Don’t consider valet an upgrade, consider it the only way to conduct business in LA.

Who We Are

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Having professional Valet Services Beverly Hills speaks volumes about your business and also makes for a great first impression. It says that you care about you customers. Safe Valet Parking Beverly Hills is widely known for their dedication to efficiency, reliability and stellar customer service. Contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates today to find out how Safe Valet Parking can help elevate your business and take the customer experience to the next level.

If you’re throwing an event in Beverly Hills, then valet parking just comes with the territory. Your guests will want to drive up to the front door and have a good time from the moment they arrive. If you haven’t already hired valets to represent you during your Beverly Hills event, then we’d encourage you to consider the world class service that Safe Valet has to offer. Whether you want the parking on your property or need help securing parking space, we can make sure your guests have a safe, enjoyable time from the very first moment.

Valet Parking Increases Revenue and Promote Business

Valet Parking Beverly HillsAre you throwing a private gala for just a few select guests? Maybe you’re expecting thousands of guest for a major fundraising event? From the smallest of gatherings to the largest, Safe Valet Beverly Hills can help you maximize your guest list by helping to provide safe Beverly Hills valet parking services for your event. Even if there is enough space on your property to park all of the vehicles successfully, valet parking provides that extra level of service. When attending an event, people don’t want to park their vehicles in a designated parking areas. They want that service provided for them and that’s what Safe Valet Beverly Hills does in a way that is second to none.

Sometimes Self-Parking Isn’t an Option

For some Beverly Hills events, there just isn’t the amount of parking available for the amount of guests that are arriving. With Safe Valet working your event, your guests will be able to arrive at your chosen entrance. We’ll then park their vehicle in the safest way possible until they are ready to leave your event, where we’ll quickly return their vehicle to them at your chosen pick-up location. This eliminates any need for time wasting just to park and gives your event that added level of service that people truly enjoy.

Valet Services Beverly Hills

With a widely publicized event being attended by many celebrities and business executives, some people may make plans to burglarize the vehicles attending a Beverly Hills event.

It can be also uncomfortable for some guests to leave an exotic vehicle unattended in an unfamiliar area.With Safe Valet, we take every step necessary to make sure that their vehicles and any belongings in them are fully protected. Our valets make a constant and consistent circuit through all of the vehicles at random times so that each vehicle has a level of attention paid to it in order to provide an increased level of security.

Is Safe Valet Right For Your Beverly Hills Event?

No matter what the size of your event happens to be, at Safe Valet, we make sure that we leave the best first impression possible because your event is our business. We’d love to have a conversation with you about how Safe Valet can effectively and affordably take care of the first impression your Beverly Hills event may give to its guests. Contact us today to see how we can provide you with an effective valet solution for your upcoming event!