Restaurants Valet Parking

Have You Considered Valet Parking For Your Restaurant?

If you’re in a high traffic area that doesn’t have a lot of parking options, chances are you’re considering valet parking for your restaurant right now.

In some areas, it can be several blocks to find a parking area that has room for a customer’s vehicle. For what is often less of the price of parking that could entail a long walk, you could provide an affordable valet parking service to your customers that will allow them to immediately access your establishment. Is your restaurant packed every night? Then valet parking is likely a great choice for you.

Did You Know That You Could Be Paid Royalties?

At Safe Valet Parking, we recognize that an increase of business means a good revenue stream for both of us. If you have a heavy amount of customer traffic that requires valet parking, chances are your business would qualify for a royalty revenue payment for the opportunity of allowing us to provide services for you. It is true that some businesses pay a small administrative fee if their level of valet parking revenues doesn’t meet expectations, but for many of our restaurants, our services are either free of administrative fees or being paid because of their valet parking service agreement with Safe Valet Parking.

Utilize Our Resources To Your Advantage!

With several parking structures and facilities at our disposal, we can increase the number of guests that can enjoy what your restaurant has to offer.

This allows you to turn tables over more, have a consistent atmosphere, and increase the amount of incoming tickets. With the right valet service helping you out, your restaurant can build up to become the talk of LA! If you’re looking for a way to expand services to accommodate more people, valet parking could be the solution that you’ve been seeking.

Are You Ready To Enhance Your Valet Parking?

Whether you already provide valet parking services on a limited scale and want to do more or you need to add a valet service to your restaurant to help customers better access your establishment, Safe Valet Parking can meet your needs for a fair, competitive price. Our valets are highly skilled and professionally trained to provide each customer of yours the world class service that will make an incredible first impression. Talk to us today about how a partnership between your restaurant and our valet service could help your restaurant be more popular than ever before!