How much should we expect to pay?

The price of each service depends on the information you provide about your event. The cost for each event is based on the working hours and the numbers of drivers requested for that specific event. You will be able to pay by checks or credit cards (prepared authorization form must be signed for each transaction on your credit cards). Safe Valet Is providing special offers on the services you receive from this company. By receiving four times of the same valet services you will have 50% off the original price on your 5th order!!!

What happens if your event exceeds the end time?

Depending on your contract with SVP, the overage rate is based on the number of drivers and managers and their working hours.
For more information contact us at 1-877-557-3377

Are you insured?

SVP has automotive and garage liability insurance at all times. More information about our insurance limit and policy will be provided to you in our contract

What type of uniform do our staffs wear?

Safe Valet Uniform’s will be chosen by our supervisors depend on the service we are providing. It could be a tuxedo top or a tie with vest for classic events, polo style short sleeve shirts for casual events, or even be modified to enhance any special theme of your event. Our uniforms are different in color and style for business services and privet parties.

If there are any other questions that has not been answered in this page please contact us at
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