Medical Centers Valet Parking


Let’s face it; most of the people who visit medical buildings and hospital establishments are ill, a vast majority of them needing assistance or in wheelchairs. This is the primary reason why medical buildings need to offer valet parking, for the convenience and ease of their clients. The purpose of any valet parking company operating in a medical setting is to provide well mannered, courteous and friendly valet attendants to provide convenient valet parking services to patients, other visitors and the medical building’s employees.

Patients need to be able to get the medical assistance they require without unduly wondering about the safety of their cars and without having to circle the parking lot again and again looking for an elusive parking spot, especially in busy centers.

In some medical centers, there is such limited space for parking that the emergency room has only a single parking space for an ambulance. Most medical buildings are storey buildings and one advantage that valet parking offers is that it prevents visitors and staff the inconvenience of having to go to another floor to park or retrieve their cars.

Valets are trained to utilize space and can get more cars in a limited space than other people can. They can cram cars into limited areas, utilizing various techniques such as stack parking and lane stacking. Additionally, an efficient valet service is one that prepares a system to handle an unexpected number of cars and guests.