Hotel Valet Parking

Hotel Valet Parking That Makes Sense

If you’re not providing a valet service for your hotel patrons, then chances are you’re missing out on a major source of revenue. Even with just a minimal service charge per day, you could end up making up to five figures more in just a single day! That might mean needing to invest in parking structures, staffing, valet supplies, and extensive training to make sure every staff member is up to date on what is required of the modern valet. Or you could invest into an agreement with Safe Valet Parking and find this new revenue stream paying off almost immediately.

Our All Inclusive Rate Includes Everything

One of the most common ways we partner with hotels for valet parking services is through an all inclusive agreement. In return for paying the hourly rates for our highly skilled valets that includes wages, benefits, insurance, and taxes, you get the full amount of revenues that come in from the valet service. Safe Valet Parking gets the benefit of having our valets working on a full time basis, your hotel gets the immediate valet service it needs, and our valets can even be in your hotel’s uniforms. This simple arrangement lets us do the legwork and we all get the rewards for a valet parking job that’s well done.

We Can Also Take On the Entire Valet Parking Operation

Another option that we offer for hotels is to allow us to lease the parking operation and then provide you with your share of the revenue stream on a monthly basis. In many cases this revenue is nearly equal what a hotel would earn providing valet parking services on their own, but it comes without all the hassle! Safe Valet Parking, in return, partners with your hotel and provides the service on your behalf. This allows you to sit back, enjoy the valet parking service, and get your revenue check that your business may need!

Is Valet Parking Right For You?

If you’re not providing valet parking services, then let’s have a conversation today about how Safe Valet Parking could improve your revenues dramatically with our services. Highly affordable and extremely professional, our reputation speaks for itself! If you are providing valet services, chances are we can either match or beat the rates that you’re currently paying out too. The margins in the service industry are extremely tight – let’s work together to improve those margins and get you the extra revenues that you may need.